Remedial massage treats and manages specific areas of discomfort, injury, and reduced function.




Kirsten uses remedial massage techniques to soften and release both connective tissue and muscle, whilst combining this with trigger point therapy to specifically treat problem areas.  Kirsten makes sure surrounding muscles, joints, tendons, and connective tissue that may have been compensating are also assessed and treated.

Remedial massage techniques include both soft and deep massage which are combined with stretching and specific pressure in areas that will aid in release of tension through muscle fibres (trigger point therapy). When muscles are released and connective tissue softens this allows tendons and joints to move more freely as well as releasing the strain on structural parts of the body such as the pelvis, spine, and ribs. These techniques are very effective in decreasing discomfort, improving movement, circulation, and general well being.

Remedial massage can also be an effective part of a treatment plan if you're seeing a chiropractor, osteopath or physiotherapist on a regular basis. It is important to note that techniques and strength of pressure are used in accordance with your needs, tolerance, presenting symptoms and medical history. This information is obtained via ongoing assessment and a client intake form on your initial consult.

Remedial Massage 60 minutes - $90.00

(Increasing to $95.00 from 18/11/19)

Remedial Massage 90 minutes - $130.00

(Increasing to $135.00 from 18/11/19)

Health Rebates

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Enter Dr Earth Health Food store off King street in Newtown and head toward the back of the store. Go through the white door and up the stairs, my clinic room will be in front to of you, the waiting area to your left and the bathroom is on your right. If you do have any problems feel free to ask the Dr Earth staff for directions.